Amok of Idjits

Alliance Guild • Draka • US • Retail


Guild Rules

Guild Rules

Amok of Idjits

Alliance Guild, Draka, US

November 26, 2022 by Ladillama

Last Update: 25 February 2023


**Discord/Guild Rules**

1. Please add your character’s name to your discord name - make sure you pick the correct role(s) in discord so we know who you are. ***Note: You may invite as many alts as you want!*** If you have alts make sure their members note has your main character’s name so we know who’s who.

2. Communication - If you signed up for an event(s) and can’t make it please let the GM or an officer know

3. Be kind and courteous of others - Real life happens and comes first, please be mindful of others

4. Never be afraid to ask for help

5. Guild bank is available to everyone - whatever you take from the bank please replace it with either the same item(2), an item(s) of equal or greater value and/or gold.


**Raid Rules**

1. Try to be on time. Come prepared with personals. (Potions, Flasks, Vantus Runes, Enchants, Augment Runes, Food, Phials, and etc)

2. During boss pulls, unless specified try to clear chatter for tanks and raid leads.

3. Our group is a chill progression, know that we are learning and growing.


***Loot Rules for Raid***

1. Roll Need Main Spec only, if no one needs Roll for Offspec then Transmog. Greed if no one wants or needs. **Be considerate of those attempting to gear up!!**

2. Pattern Drops will go to characters that have said profession. If players already have said pattern then it will be free for all for alts.

3. BOEs are free for all. Good Luck and Congrats on your epic loots!