Horde Guild, Area 52, US


Dragonflight Updates: Pre-Patch

It's Dragonflight Pre-Patch and we wanted to provide an update! Dawn says I'm not allowed to bash Shadowlands, so this is what you get here instead.


Horde Guild, Area 52, US

November 3, 2022


Guild Master Updates


Trial Character/Main:


As a reminder, everyone but officers will be trialing in Dragonflight. Please make your selection on your final decision on a main to play no later than 11/25/2022. The raid roster will be posted in the discord in #Roster in the new few days, please make sure to message an officer if we need to update the roster for you at all.




Infirmum has some potential schedule conflicts with our raid nights, so to shore up our two tank positions longterm Goyal, aka Goyaler, aka Hobse will be tanking raid with Rev while maintaining Raid Leader duties. We will be looking for a third tank as the primary backup tank in raid as Rev typically has an extremely busy summer season with business and we want to plan for that or just general need for a backup. If interested in being the third raid tank, please reach out to Rev and I both. Rev will want to talk over it with you, and I just want to update my raid plans.


Raid Strategies:


Raid Strategies will be finalized and posted on the Vault of the Incarnates Raid Strategies page by 11/30/2022. This will give everyone two weeks to review prior to our first raid night 12/14. An update will be provided when all of them have been posted.


Our goal will be to identify everything major in a short written guide with some additional resource links when available. They will all be heroic plans, and we'll do normal raid the same exact way, unless there is a mechanic that prevents us from doing so.




With the raid tier starting 12/14/2022 for us, we still plan to try to raid through the holidays with anyone who can't make it. Obviously this time of year can get hectic, so please give us some advanced noticed if you won't be able to raid specific days during Christmas/New Years .


Timeline/Important Dates:


  • November 15: Dragonflight Pre-patch events launch and Evoker becomes available to play
  • November 25: Final Character/Main selections are due
  • November 28: Dragonflight Launches
  • November 30: Raid Strategies will be posted, make sure to review and ask questions if needed
  • December 13: Dragonflight Season 1 begins, Raid and M+ open
  • December 14: First Raid night of week 1
  • December 19: Second Raid night of week 1
  • February 7: All Fortified and Tyrannical +20 key deadline - See Raid Information for more detail




Make sure to read up on everything that has been posted recently.

The First Raid Night: A Message from Goyaler




For those that remember SL start, we had really high expectations that got squashed quickly, the raid was harder than we anticipated, and it hurt morale. Going into DF we will be starting in Normal and working our way up. Once we smash normal, we won’t go back to it for raid nights, not even for tier sets.


Be ready for raid! Do your research and come prepared. Once we reach a boss, we will ready check and do a 40 second pull timer. The ready check is for you, your buffs, CDs, and that you have SOME idea of the boss from either a written guide, YouTube video, Discord posts, or web-based game that you looked at before that ready check. The 40 second pull timer will be my time to explain the entire fight. My goal is to do this twice before we start breaking out dungeon journals, reading abilities to each other, and making more complicated strats then what we had already planned.


Be prepared for bugs and failure. We are not raiding on Tuesday so hopefully most of the extreme stuff will be fixed by our raid, but it’s still possible for stuff to be overturned or busted. Do not be overly reliant on DBMs/BigWigs/WA for the first raid night. It is likely they will have problems and “I didn’t get a timer” or “Nothing notified me” won’t work as excuses for the first raid night. The default WoW UI and animations/sounds tell you everything you need to know for the fight.


Focus on the mechanics first and foremost, stop your rotation if you need to breath for a second and do the mechanics, DO IT. These mechanics are what we will be doing for the whole raid tier, we need to learn and understand them. I love hitting enrage timers with everyone alive and all our Brezs. It’s almost the best outcome of a pull, it is so rare and almost impossible to do. But if we manage to do it means we know the fight and the mechanics and we have a new problem to solve.

Group Loot:


We will not be using the master loot tools this raid tier. That means when loot drops you will get a Need/Greed indicator for pieces of loot you are eligible for. If it is a upgrade you are equipping for the Spec you killed that boss as, you roll need. All other reasons to want loot (Off-spec, Tmog, side grades, etc.) you roll greed or pass. Any changes to this policy will be discussed BEFORE the boss is killed, once the boss is pulled or looted, we will not be making changes based on what dropped.




New DF consumables will not be required until further notice, Consumables will still be required. Bring SLs stuff and save some gold. DF has changed cauldrons, they now give temporary battle potions instead of phials (flasks) but they cost soulbound resources for each set of potions. For these to be worth the investment, the entire raid will need to earn the currency and spend it in raid for the battle pots. The sources of this currency are still unknown to me, but expect some requirement to bring at least 45 of them to each raid night. Review Raid Information and Raid Nights for other relevant information.