Alliance Guild, Sargeras, US


Final Formation of the Core Mythic Team

Finalized the core team that we are going to bring to push mythic progression for Castle Nathria: Currently 3/10


Alliance Guild, Sargeras, US

March 25, 2021 by PatgarPrime

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Just yesterday, Mar. 25, we have completed and finalized our core mythic team which we want to push progression for Mythic Castle Nathria. 


Check out our logs!


Our composition consists of 2 Tanks, 4 Healers, and 14 DPS along with 10 subsitutes ready to step in and are hungry for progression. Us officers at the guild are immensely proud of the development that our guild has taken from it's conception in early February. This is still a very new guild compared to others but have been able to achieve so much in such little time. The change and evolution of the guild is day and night!


All of our members have played a crucial role in contributing to the guild that we have become in such a short time and us officers can't thank them enough for their dedication and determination to the guild.


We would like to congratualte the following people on making the core roster:

Aninch, Qoth, Pestilence, Kengja, Veriea, Byebyesir, Patapon, Ifuse, Milioti, Beamer, Ashsham, Rebelle, Ledbiggs, Pinked, Ivanshishkin, Holylyte, Lamaara, Horizon, Climax, Isabella, Zivallesane, Mythrix, Lazrbeams, Kiarita, Acetilcoa, Stinkydemnz, Bleed, Discpinked, Lagerlee, Atlasimo.


After the parse run we did yesterday we were very impressed with your performance and we are confident we can push progression on Mythic, and even get Cutting Edge!


Big ups to everyone :)